How To Style Shalwar Kameez For Men

If you talk about outfits and fashion in the sub-continent, the traditional shalwar kameez has always been the most stylish and classic fashion ware in the region. Shalwar kameez has been considered a must-have for every man. Shalwar kameez will surely elevate your look regardless of what type of event you’re heading to due to its versatility. People choose to wear shalwar kameez on several occasions, be it a wedding, engagement, religious festivities like Eid, or even for traditional everyday work.

That being said, when you’re choosing a shalwar kameez for men, you definitely want to have the one that suits you best. Let’s discuss some important tips on how to choose the right one for yourself.

Find The Right Colors

When you’re out there choosing a shalwar kameez for yourself, you’ll be overwhelmed with the plethora of choices you have in front of you. With hundreds and thousands of colors, patterns, and designs to pick from, you will have to be sure which one suits you and the occasion you want it for. For instance, colors like dark brown, beige, maroon, or navy blue with embroidery, patterns, and work done on it can surely make you stand out, but these kinds of heavy work dresses are best suited for weddings and celebratory events.

Light and breezy colors are chosen when you choose to not look too flashy and formal. For your casual events like a dinner with friends and family or a usual day at work, you can go for colors like sky blue, baby pink, light green, or different shades of white. 

Choose The Fabrics Accordingly

Kurtas are made of different fabrics. Depending on the occasion you choose to wear the kurta, you should choose the fabric accordingly. For instance, heavy cotton or silk are generally considered the right options for a dress that will be worn at formal events and festivities. Other options like Khadi, cotton, or mix are usually very light and provide comfort. These fabrics are typically found in breezy and light colors that you can wear at casual outings.

Always Go For a Tried and Tested Style

There are many traditional wears like the cotton shalwar kameez, or the banarasi kurta for men, or outfits made using raw silk always do the job. You can opt for a kameez that has art and embroidery done on it to show your exquisite taste in fashion, but make sure it’s not overdone.

Moreover, you can always elevate your look by pairing your shalwar kameez with a coat. In recent times, men have started to put on a coat over shalwar kameez, which are worn with formal shoes. A dark-colored coat on shalwar kameez makes you look more formal and sophisticated. Another option is to wear a waistcoat for men, and this will never cease to steal the show.

Feel free to explore the different looks with all the amazing designs, outerwear, colors, and patterns with shalwar kameez for men. For the best quality material and designs at the most affordable prices, head over to at your earliest.


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