Style Your Kurta Pajama With 5 Easy Tips

 The traditional kurta pajama is one of Pakistan's most trendy and classic outfits and is regarded as a must-have outfit in all Pakistani wardrobes. It is not only a must-have outfit, but it can also boost your look regardless of any event. The costume can also be worn on different occasions, for example, a picnic, a wedding, or a typical day at work, making a kurta pajama for men an essential spot for any wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at some tips below that will help you to enhance your style in kurta pajama.

Experiment with colors

You will be spoiled with options when choosing a kurta pajama and you will have several shades, patterns, and styles to choose from, but not all colors can be worn on all occasions. Colors like dark blue, beige, dark maroon, kurta pajama with extra embroidery, a mix of dark colors and goldwork that will make the ensemble stand out, such as silk work, and other designer designs. At weddings, ceremonies, marriages, festivals, and other celebrations, these styles of heavy work outfits are better worn, which will help you leave a lasting impression on the minds of all those around.

Watch out for details

You can experiment a lot with kurta pajamas in your wardrobe, from fabric to embroidery. Pick a style that suits the shape of your body and provides maximum comfort. To make the festive dress stylish, you can invest in an embroidered collar, auto-textured rich-fabrics, geometric patterns, and pastels, among others.

Length of your kurta

Choose the length that matches your character, with a variety of kurtas on the market. While short kurtas look good, long kurtas go well with Patiala or Harem pants. Half-shirt and button-down kurtas are also thought to be trendy for their elegance and stylish appearance. With the classic long kurta which enhances your height and elegance, you can never go wrong.

Different fabrics for different kurtas

You would be required to select a different material for your kurta, depending on the occasion that you intend to wear the kurta. For kurtas that are worn at more formal events and functions, fabrics such as heavy cotton, silk, and heavy fabrics are ideal. The above-mentioned light and breezy colors, which can also serve as regular use in the office, are often made with other fabrics such as cotton, khadi, and others so that they can be worn on casual outings too.

Wear a waistcoat

There's nothing better than a well-tailored waistcoat over a kurta. Not only would it be stylish, but a casual kurta in seconds can even become one appropriate for a wedding. Try to paint a printed waistcoat with a single-colored kurta to make this look perfect.  You can always leave the buttons open if you're on the heavier side, which also offers you a really lay-out look. If you are leaner, on the other hand, it would be a very smart idea to close the buttons up to the end.

The following tips will help you out to dress perfectly in a kurta pajama, but it can be quite a struggle to find a kind of kurta pajama design with the finest standard and epitome. We have only been using the finest quality fabric in Nayaab so that our customers feel comfortable they buy it. As we aspire for the consistency of the material, all you have to do is select the right size and the best style.




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